Water coolers

The water and glycol water coolers are used in many areas: industrial machinery cooling, pins, chemical process, water-cooled inverters or laboratory applications.

A cooler have a cooling function but also an hydraulic function. That’s why it is essential that our products are compatible with your system or your hydraulic control and they can communicate with your supervision elements.

That’s why, water coolers EURODIFROID are available in multiple versions and are tailor made solutions. Our modular approach for cooling units of small and medium power enables us to offer coolers in a very short time and large  number of variants, among our range of power from 1kW to 300kW

Hydraulic Options:

Definition of hydraulic configuration: With / without tank, with / without pump / Number of pumps
personalized pump selection according to the hydraulic performance required redundancy possible on the pump to secure flow function to your process.
Select several control instruments, flow meter , pressure switch, temperature sensors
customized definition of internal hydraulic system : bypass valve, flow control valve, isolation valves Ability to operate pressurized circuit or atmospheric pressure circuit.

Power Options:

Mechanical or electronic control regulation
Implementation of automate (EURODIFROID software) for specific operation
Definition of contacts fault / alarm to interact with your machine or supervision
Remote communication (ex : Modbus TCP / IP)
Implementation of solutions to limit the starting current (star wiring - delta or soft starters )

Mechanical Options:

Your specific color
Anticorrosion treatment batteries (condenser)
Installing casters or specific support to facilitate transport and handling
Making coolers inside industrial cabinets
Sound insulation