Laboratory chiller

Water cooling in laboratory applications must respond to multiple issues:

  •     What precision do you need for your water temperature ?
  •     What sort of water : Raw , demineralized or deionized ? What are the materials of the hydraulic use depending on the fluid?
  •     The cooler will be installed on the bench of analysis? What does it noise level must be respected to allow research teams to work close ?
  •     The water chiller must be connected to an industrial water network in the laboratory?
  •     What are the hydraulic characteristics of the circuit to cool ? What are the pressure  losses of the unit to cool down ?

These questions have a significant impact as we select a chiller or cooling soltions. EURODIFROID in the technical support your need to define the best solution.

In addition, by opting for a EURODIFROID solution , you get the robustness and simplicity of operation combined with high industry standard and quality. Our solutions , due to their compact design , fit perfectly with laboratory work environment and ensure the best thermal protection for your equipment
Our units are suitable for long-term work and guarantee reliability during the test series or measurement .

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