Water chiller RFI 150kW

Refroidisseur d'eau RFI 150 kW


  • Robustesse et simplicité d'utilisation

We are expanding the range of RFI and propose here average coolers and high cooling power up to 200 kW.
These coolers are integrated into large-scale industrial process or complete loops of ice water.

We wanted , with this new product line , maintain the philosophy of RFI coolers : provide robust devices , simple to use and operation , strongly adaptable to any type of configurations or needs. The list of possible options on these coolers so you can design a custom product while keeping a standard cooling design. As such, the average RFI and high power range is marked Ultra Flexible .

The simplicity of the refrigerant circuit is the best response to the desired strength of these cooling solutions. Design, on the most standard models , integrates 2 refrigerant circuits completely disjoint (including 2 evaporators) with each circuit 2 Scroll compressors mounted in tandem. The proliferation of compressors enables the multiplication of control stages (4 in our case) providing multiple power levels depending on the dissipation of your process and enhancing system redundancy.

In its standard version , the cooler is independent and features a full hydraulic module with a pressurized hydraulic reservoir and a pump that can be selected façon.Ces coolers can also be combined with a hydraulic skid to ensure redundancy arrangements or increase the volume installation.La buffer the data sheet below shows you an illustration cooler 1 of this RFI principle range.The being the total adaptability and flexibility , we offer you to select all the most suitable solution your need for average and high power chillers .

Standard equipment

  • 2 frigorifics circuits with 2 scroll compressors mounted in tandem and running on R410a on each circuit
  • 2 multitular evaporators, double refrigeration circuit with stainless steel tube
  • 1 condenser ventilated, with 4 exhaust fans in roof
  • 2 switches for ventilation fans staging operation (one per circuit)
  • Outdoor installation kit for all seasons
  • 2 centrifugal circulation pumps with stainless steel body fitted with redundant isolation valves
  • 1 manometer to the discharge pump group
  • 1 tank open of 500L stainless steel with water electric level

  • 1 circuit built of stainless steel and plastic materials
  • 1 electrical control cabinet / control integrated sealed metal to the frame
  • 1 Crouzet controller for redundancy management and control pumps
  • 1 Modbus communication expansion
  • 1 default cooling system on dry contact
  • 1 hydraulic failure on dry contact
  • 1 on / off General Remote Shutdown
  • 1 frame with removable panels , RAL 9002
  • 1 provided lifting device

Optional equipment

  • Circulation pump for every process or circuit
  • Free cooling with outside air
  • automatic bypass
  • manual bypass
  • Filter cartridge positioned on the return to the cooler, positioned outside of the device
  • Kit anti overflow
  • Number of hydraulic inputs / outputs
  • hydraulic configuration on demand
  • output flanges

  • evaporator brazed plate
  • All refrigerant
  • Inverter compressor
  • refrigeration gauge
  • Design for high temperature (50/55 ° C)
  • Specific defects: Low temperature alarm, high temperature ...
  • Remote control box
  • All other specifications on request

Technical datas

RFI 1500 THQ

Power supply



Cooling capacity*


130 000

Power consumption*


87 350

Running current



Line protection






Fluid capacity



Pump flow mini/maxi



Pump pressure mini/mxi



Tank capacity



Outlet temperature



Ambiente temperature mini/maxi



Regulation temperature mini/maxi






* Datas given at 7°C water outlet, 35°C ambient temperature / Non contracual values


Water chiller 150 kW