Cooling tower

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The cooling tower is the high power solution to energy efficiency. Unlike a chiller , only the operation of one or more fans are used to evacuate the thermal power. The cooling water is made possible by the evaporative principle , which requires mastery of water quality.

EURODIFROIDrepresents for more than 10 years DECSA company, Italian manufacturer of cooling towers. We propose a complete range of products built on the evaporative principle.

Open tower or closed tower, construction materials adapted to different working environments (polyester reinforced steel high in zing, stainless ...), axial or centrifugal fans are as many variations as we are able to offer you to meet your needs.

Beyond DECSA-quality products, you get in contact with our teams with a total technical expertise to select the product according to your needs and complete the necessary by hydraulic control or control equipment for easy integration your process.