You work on an industrial site where cooling systems are mandatory to ensure your production

As soon as your cooling solutions on your production site are concerned, there are at least three good reasons to trust EURODIFROID teams :


  • More than 25 years of experiences side by side with machine manufacturers

Eurodifroid has developped his bussiness with machine manufacturers, Our teams know  precisely cooling requirements , performance standards , interfaces with the machine…


  • The proximity with customers

Each project has its own constraints (size, available power, noise level). Our proximity with customers allows us to integrate these constraints as soon as we are designing a cooling solution.

Do not hesitate to call us to visit your site, and find together the best solution adapted to your cooling needs

  • A continious monitoring

With EURODIFROID, you get a technical support, all along your product life. This continious monitoring is a key advantage for your maintenance team, who can send their requests for repair, spare parts, modifications or retrofit.

Our chillers and air conditioners are 100% interchangeable

For many years EURODIFROID designs cooling solutions, and therefore we know many industry and applications , machines and processes

To meet your replacement needs EURODIFROID designs interchangeable solutions. Evolution in legislation, renewing your cooling units or air conditioning systems, improving your production capacities, make you need integrated tailor made solutions depending on your requirements.

You expect mechanical, electrical and hydraulic compatibility… And there are many reasons that force you to change your cooling units. You have now found the appropriate partner!

EURODIFROID guarantees :


  • The traceabilty of all our equipments.
  • Developpment and specific studies for new equipment adapted to the existing one

The traceability of our equipment allows the interchangeability of all our cooling solutions to overcome obsolescence, wear, or to meet news expectations.

Your needs move, our products too !

Inside every product, EURODIFROID is incorporating the latest technology and referigerant in accordance with the law.

Our product lines evolve and take into account all these elements. Engineers and developpment team are continuously in contact with our suppliers to ensure the continuous improvement of our cooling units.
You also get all our expertise to carry on your specific projects, considering our large list of references

in parallel, our modular products enables us to get availability , competitiveness and allow us to expand our list of standard options without additional development.