You integrate chiller and air conditioner in your machines ?

Your needs are several and depend on your project

Your technical team needs a technical support to design together the best solution to meet all your expectations : To cool your machine

Our engineers are here to make free quotation according to yours technical expects and budget
The prototype is an important step before the production.
Our engineering office is dedicated specific project :


  • Study your needs and expectations
  • Approve technical design
  • Test the product in condition as close as possible to yours 

Industrialization of single product in mass-produced should ensure the quality, the production times, and the low costs based on the mass-produced.
Our team have all skills to transform a prototype to serial product. 

Your projects are driven with our ingeneers and production team
In add, our perpetual improving's politic allow us to evolve your products through interchangeability, and compliance of new units produced

The project monitoring: Our strategy

Our organization is our strengh, the proximity with the customer and our long experience ensure the success of integration's project