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Visual Heresite treatment


Heresite treatment

Heresite treatment on condenser batteries of Eurodifroid devices

visual Eliwell partner


Eurodifroid offers devices with fully programmable electronic controllers

Eurodifroid is now working with ELIWELL France which offers the FreeSmart and FreeAdvance ranges for more complex regulations requiring customized programs.

Visual options RFI


Eurodifroid develops the options of its medium power chillers

Discover the range of Eurodifroid RFI coolers of medium power and their many options.

Visual standard devices


Eurodifroid is also simple, standard and economical devices

Eurodifroid offers customized cooling solutions to best suit your needs, but Eurodifroid also offers simple, standard and economical devices.


visual interchangeability


Eurodifroid ensures interchangeability in case of replacement of old equipment

For Eurodifroid, ensuring the interchangeability of your cooling solutions when replacing old equipment is a priority.

Visual Eurodifroid on social network


Eurodifroid is on social networks !

Find Eurodifroid on social networks (Twitter, Linkedin and Google +) and follow its official pages to be informed (e) the latest news of the company and the sector, product trends, tailor-made ...

Visual catalogs Eurodifroid


Discover the Eurodifroid catalogs!

Eurodifroid offers you solutions adapted to your needs, by realizing various machines according to the applications with flexible and made-to-measure devices.


Visual web sites Eurodifroid


The Eurodifroid websites

Eurodifroid has two websites: a showcase site and a commercial site.


Visual opening in summer 2018


Eurodifroid is open this summer !

We are available to answer your requests,

Do not hesitate to contact us !


Tél. 02 41 76 28 40

Email : ccial@eurodifroid.fr