Why to choose EURODIFROID to your frigorific installation and "cold" solutions?

We are listening to you

Customers satisfactions is our main goal. Our knowledge of various industries enables us to understand needs and requests of your markets. For any kind of request, or each specific needs our sales team is here to:

-Build with you an appropriate solution
-Get free quotation
-Give installation's advices
-Bring added value based on experience and thousand of projects and references.

We able to do quickly

Time is often a constraint, that’s why we do our best to serve our customers as fast as possible. To do that we have several tools like :

  • Modular design of various cooling units and air conditioners with many options
  • Many finished and semi-finished products in stock
  • List of our avaiblable products sent  on a regular basis to our partners

Through a 25 years experience, we've designed a wide range of ultra flexible chillers, air conditioners, dry coolers, "hot and cold" solutions. We can rely on these projects to design with you your future cooling products.


We are working close to you

3 teams are at your disposal depending to your expectations

Standard products : You need selection advices, availability, competitive cost … Our « series products » team ensures you a free and customized quote within 24h. This team has all tools to ensure product availability and competitivity

Customized products : A discussion between our technicians and yours are necessary to find the best solution according to your requirments.  We are fully available to help you giving added value to your project

We can ensure an end to end service

3 qualified technicians ensures the technical hotline, make expertise and repair, and they have network of partners to intervene quickly on frigorific equipments.
We can train your staff on site, we ensure destruction of cooling units , recycling the refrigerant chiller commissioning.