Our job: Meet your industrial cooling requirements

For more than 25 years EURODIFROID is developing and producing cooling solutions for more and more industrial applications: machine tools, mechanics, aeronautics, energy, research, nuclear, environment …
Beyond the fact that design and manufacture of our units meet industrial standards, our vision is also to take advantage of our expertise in selecting the best solutions according to your needs, budget and quality.
To do this,our teams has been organised to better meet your needs:


  • « Standard products » team :

Our « serial products » team directed by M.D Traineau focuses on manufacturing and improving of our standard air conditioner and chiller units. A modular conception of our machines, a stock of finished and semi-finished products, the flexibility of our production team , allow us to guarantee high availability and competitive costs.


  • « specific products » team :

This team is dedicated to help you in developing unique or innovative solutions. Production of customized products , development of new prototypes and projects monitoring are handled by our design department to achieve a collaborative way of working, side by side with customer project team.

  • After-sales services:

Our after sales service, have several advantages :
Dedicated space for reparation or retrofit of all brand materials inside our factory
Qualified technicians to drive interventions on client sites and a parternship with frigorists to achieve better reactivity.
Expertise on many different added value activities : Air conditioners and chillers spare parts definition and sales, retrofit and fluid recovery, chillers and air conditioners installations, cooling units rental.

The "cold", an exacting sector

We offer our expertise and products in many sectors like : Machine tools, welding machine, laser machine, ovens , metallurgy, variator, laboratory equipment , rack systems , electric cabinets, technical shelters , generators, water treatment , cosmetics…

Our duties are:

  • Meet your needs or your process
  • Choose the best solutions
  • Be compliant with norms and legislation (including refrigerant legislation)
  • Ensure industrial quality of our products
  • Tracking project from design to installation
  • Bring added value all along project life and product cycle.

Our organization and vision must to be adapted to your project’s issues.  Adaptabilty is our production’s strategy.

Our vision has built a real flexible organization for our teams to be as close as possible to your needs and issues, as far as industrial chillers or "cold" solutions are concerned