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Cooling solutions company

EURODIFROID is a family business founded in 1989 by D.Traineau and specialized in designing and manufacturing of cooling solutions.

  • 01/1989 : Business creation in Neuilly Plaisance (93) by D.Traineau . The company is developing with some partnerships in the machine tools industry in France.
  • 10/1996 : To meet an increasing production needs, EURODIFROID decided to set up in the region of Angers to find a higher production space.
  • 09/1998 : EURODIFROID moved to its current production site and has a production area of 1100 m² : ZI SUZEROLLE, SEICHES SUR LE LOIR (49)  25 km away from Angers.
  • 09/2002 : new offices are instaled in Paris, with the commercial and administrative directions. Today EURODIFROID has 2 different sites: a production site (49) and a Management Site (93).
  • 09/2009 : The direction site settled permanently in MONTREUIL SOUS BOIS and integrates administrative, financial fonctions inside this office.
  • 01/2012 : To face increasing sales and new kind of needs from customers EURODIFROID decides to change its organization and creates two teams to meet two requirements: « Standard » team: which designs series products. These team 's mission homogenization and standard production improvements. « Major account » teams are which finds customized solutions to answer to specific requirements, and develop unique solutions from existing methodes and component.
  • 07/2013 : The development of this new organization generates a significant increase in the activity of EURODIFROID . The plant in Seiches sur Loir has been enlarged up to 1800m².