Chiller for motor and variator

Redundancy and energy saving

A cooling motors and medium solution is generally evaluated on three axes:

  • Its economic cost
  • His energy cost
  • The cost of downtime

To meet these needs, EURODIFROID offers its entire range of solutions by combining high-capacity water-glycol chillers (up to 300 kW) and aerorefrigerant that can operate in free cooling mode.

Depending on the water temperatures and ambient conditions required, the free cooling operation ensures a total or partial dissipation of the thermal load your process by not requesting a series of fans, unlike a chiller which works through hermetic compressors.


To minimize the risk of downtime related to stop cooling function, the redundancy is also a key of your specifications. The solution can be of logical spare parts of the first emergency, over-sizing of the exchange surfaces of aerorefrigerants, over-sizing of the cooling capacity available or the doubling of refrigeration circuits, full redundancy on the circulation pump ....

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