Redundant air conditioning for telecom shelter

Eurodifroid provided air conditioner CLC series to meet the needs of cooling of ACTIA SODIELEC company which design and develop satellite communication system civilian, military, fix or mobile.


The CLC air conditioner cools a technical room with electronic equipment. This technical area installed in shelter to be carry in truck, boat, plane, etc.    

ACTIA project

  • Shelter with electronic equipment and telecommunication antennas
  • Deployment in any environment (Spreading all over the world) 
  • Shelter mobile and transportable

Eurodifroid solution

*Datas given 35°C inside cabinet, 35°C ambient temperature
Reference CLC 40 AAMEXTT
Quantity 40
Cooling capacity* 3 800 W
Technology Outdoor air conditioner, special treatment

Technical datas

*Datas given at 35°C inside cabinet, 35°C ambient temperature
Air conditioner:CLC 40 outdoor version Cooling capacity*:3 800 W
Ambient temperature mini/maxi:-20°C / + 55°C Mounting:Side
Power supply:230 V-1-50Hz Power consumption:2,5 kW
Running current:11,8 A Starting current:31 A
Line protection:16 A Ingress protection:54

electrical cabinet air conditioner

EURODIFROID advantages

  • 1 intelligent control device for managing the operation of air conditioners in 2 redundancy
  • Air conditioner resistant to any type of environment ( harsh environments , extreme cold , extreme heat ... )
  • Oversizing of the condenser fan, molded
  • Remote control of hot and cold functions programmed automaton
  • PLC cabinet provided with customized program manager redundancy, boost mode , the heating / cooling control , human machine interface
  • Corrosion protection to ensure durability in any environment
  • Dehumidification function before starting equipment
  • Vibration anaconda with the refrigerant piping , and NORLOCK device on all hardware
  • Many ergonomic equipment and integration in the shelter