Low temperature cooling solution for climatic chamber

EURODIFROID designed a cooling solution for test bench to test the para- military equipment. A cooler ( RFI80 ) provides water supplies exchangers ( KWS) installed in climatic chambers to simulate the extreme conditions of natural environments.

Eurodifroid solution

Reference 1 RFI 80 BT-25 + 2 EXCHANGERS KWS 30-120
Quantity 1 chiller + 2 exchangers
Technology Low temperature chiller + Exchangers

RFI 80 low temperature (until -25°C)


- 1 flow switch
- 1 automatic bypass
- Crankcase heater on the compressor and fan pressure switch in case of cold environment
- 1 controller accepts a remote control to a setpoint 4 ... 20 mA
- 1 copy of the water temperature (measured in the inner tank chiller )
by signal 4 ... 20mA
- 1 default "cold" reported on dry contact
- 1 defect " hydraulic " reported on dry contact
- Centrifugal fans on the condenser assembly for cladding the exit of hot air

Installation example

Low temperature chiller
*Datas given at -25°C water outlet, 32°C ambient temperature

RFI 80 BT-25: Technical datas

power supply: 400V-3-50Hz
Cooling capacity*: 3000 W
Mini/maxi ambient temperature: -10/45°C
Mini/maxi control range: -30/0°C
Mini/maxi pump flow: 20/100 l/min
Mini/maxi pump pressure: 1.6/2.7 bar
Refrigerant: R404a
Refrigerant quantity: 2.5 kg
Noise: 69 dB(A)
Weight: 290 kg
*Datas given at 5°C air cabinet and -20°C fluid
**datas given at 6°C water inlet, 14°C climatic chamber, flow 1000 l/h

KWS 30 / 120: Technical datas

Power supply: 230V-1-50Hz / 400V-3-50Hz
Cooling capacity: 1600*/4500** W
Power consumption: 697/3200 W
Running current: 3.2/5.1 A
Fluid temperature: -20/+6°C
Mini/maxi temperature: 5/40°C - 5/40°C
Fluid (primary circuit): Eau glycolée (MEG)
Fluid (secondary circuit): Air
Mini/maxi low (primary circuit): 200/400 l/h - 900/2100 l/h
Mini/maxi flow (secondary circuit): 0/500 m³/h - 0/2400 m³/h
Mini/maxi fluid temperature (primary circuit): -25/20°C - 0/25°C
Mini/maxi fluid temperature (secondary circuit): 5/25°C - 14/45°C
Noise: <69 d(B)A
Weight: 28/140 kg

low temperature chiller