To cool a laser machine

In the world of laser machines, two major configurations exist:


  • The laser machine incorporates a water / water exchanger

The water or glycol cooler you need corresponds to our standards products with a circulating pump to this exchanger integrated to your machine and a buffer reserve.

  • The laser machine does not integrate circuit or internal exchanger

The water cooler meet two major issues: the precision of the water temperature (0.5 ° C lower generally.) And the compatibility of the hydraulic circuit with very low conductivity water.

Based on these two configurations, EURODIFROID offers its wide range of solutions and chillers that will adapt accordingly.

We will also pay special attention on dialogue and the communication interface between your machine and our cooler.

EURODIFROID has numerous references in this field, in contact laser machine manufacturers (integrator) or end users to replace obsolete chillers (users).


Our references: