Chiller for machine tools

Machine tool and special machine sector is the historic EURODIFROID market. For 25 years we are alongside the machine builders and we provide them with water cooling solutions or oil.

Your expectations are many, we could cite:


  • Robustness of the cooler including refrigerant circuit
  • Hydraulic excellence on water and oil circuits
  • High pressure pump
  • Simplified electrical connections taken by industrial
  • Integration in your environment (personalization, paint uniform with machine ...)

On each of our solutions, whether water cooling, hydraulic oil or cutting, we strive to meet these expectations through a complete range of solutions:

  • Cooler water for the pins
  • Clean oil cooler for the hydrostatic bearings or cooling engines
  • Your hydraulic cooler trays with immersed serpentine or remote solution
  • Central air conditioned cabinets for your cabinets control / command

You will find in our solutions your quality requirements, performance, maintaining in hydraulic pressure, precision and control, the result of over 25 years of listening and expertise which have EURODIFROID a key player in cooling the machine tool.