Central chilled water and air / water exchanger for electrical cabinet TBM drive

Eurodifroid was selected to provide a cooling solution for variator installed in TBM drive

The tunnel boring machine digs the rock, the power of wheels modulated  by speed controllers which are cooled by exchanger KWS supplying in cold water by the RFI cold water central.

Eurodifroid solution

*Datas given at 10°C water inlet, 35°C cabinet, flow 600 l/h
**Datas given at 7°C water outlet, 35°C water in condenser
Reference KWS 90 CAI RFI 600 TWBBYHP
Quantity 22 2
Cooling capacity 5,4 kW* 57 kW**
Technology Air / Water exchanger Cold water central

Frigorific group and air / water exchanger

The RFI frigorific group is supplied in water by an external circuit, cools the water of circuit to be distribute at KWS air / water exchangers. This exchangers allows to evacuate enclosure's calories

They find his application in very polluted environments or  very hot atmospheres. The equipment is completely hermetically closed to protect himself against dust.

Equipment: KWS air / water exchanger

  • Centrigal fan
  • Solenoid and mechanical regulation
  • Copper aluminium battery
  • Electrogalvanized steel sheet metal paint RAL 7035
  • IP 54 seal
  • Power cable
  • Condensat evacuation

Equipment: RFI frigorific group

  • Water condenser
  • Regulation pressure valve
  • IP 55 seal
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Centrifugal pump stainless steel shape
  • Scroll compressor
  • Solid sheet
frigorific group / air - water exchanger

Technical datas

*Datas given at 10°C water inlet, 35°C cabinet, flow 600 l/h
Cooling capacity* 5 400 W
Power supply 230-1-50/60Hz
Power consumption 130/180W
Running current 0,57/0,8 A
Line protection 1 A
Water flow 600l/h
Internal protection IP54
Ambient temperature mini/maxi 5/60°C
Noise 68 dB(A)
Weight 34 kg
**Datas given at 7°C water outlet, 35°C water condenser
Cooling capacity** 57 000 W
Power supply 400-3-50Hz
Running current 54 A
Power consumption 313550 W
Line protection 63 A
Outlet water temperature 7°C
Noise 70 dB(A)
Pump pressure mini/maxi 3,9/5,2 bar
Pump flow mini/maxi 60/200 l/min
Ambient temperature mini/maxi 10/40°C
Tank capacity 100 l
Weight 460 kg