Enclosure air conditioning of Le Mans tramway stations

The KUR series air conditioners (side mounting) are characterized by his compactness and his wide range of power which allow to meet the needs of all applications requiring low power.

To satisfy the customer, air conditioners delivred without cover to be integrated by the panelbuilder.

Eurodifroid solution

**Données pour 35°C armoire, 35°C ambiant
Reference KUR 10 CAB
Quantity 80
Cooling capacity* 1050 W
Technology Air conditioner without cover
Budget 70 000€
Enclosure air conditioner

Technical datas:

*Datas given at 35°C cabinet, 35°C ambient
Reference: KUR 10 CAB
Cooling capacity*: 1050 W
Power supply: 230V-1-50/60Hz
Runnig current: 2,9/3,1 A
Starting current: 10/11,6 A
line protection: 4 A
Poids: 30 Kg
Power consumption: 540/576 W
Mini/maxi ambient temperature: 20/55°C
Outlet temperature: 35°C
Mini/maxi control range: 25-45°C
Noise: <68 dB(A)
Refrigerant: R134a
Refrigerant quantity 0,4 kg