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The modular concept of EURODIFROID coolers enables large offer of products starting standard modules. This production principle ensures a large number of products in-stock , high responsiveness to market, short delivery time.

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  • outdoor air conditioner

AERO chillers series , complying with European directives have been developed for process cooling machines, laser, welding machines, by direct exchange with the ambient air . Their small size allows them to fit into small spaces . Hydraulic...

RFI water chillers, in conformity to CE standards, can be used to cool process and machines. They can be placed even in small areas, due to their small dimensions. Hydraulical and electrical connections, as well as maintenance have been...

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 Discover the two types of configurations (air-cooled condenser / water condenser), the benefits of configuring with water condenser with respect to the air condenser: - No heat generation - Reduced noise level - Small footprint - Increased life of the equipment - ...



Eurodifroid news


Visual of Cooler in Abidjan


Commissioning of a cooler in Ivory Coast

Our technician Eurodifroid went to Abidjan to commission a powerful water chiller and train its users in its operation.

Visual of resistant devices


Eurodifroid manufactures resistant devices

Eurodifroid designs air conditioners and coolers suitable for use in extreme situations, they are thus reinforced to withstand shocks and vibrations.