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The modular concept of EURODIFROID coolers enables large offer of products starting standard modules. This production principle ensures a large number of products in-stock , high responsiveness to market, short delivery time.

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  • Water chiller RFC

LABO chillers are well adapted to cool all processes that occurs in laboratories like, samples, lasers,microscopes...with a short delivery time. Frigorific parts in these chillers all have an absolute conformity to European control The wide...

Many research centers and modern laboratories , have a centralized cold water system. The pressure of the cold water is too low in the handling room to connect directly the equipment to cool ; Furthermore , the accuracy is not guaranteed ....


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 Discover the two types of configurations (air-cooled condenser / water condenser), the benefits of configuring with water condenser with respect to the air condenser: - No heat generation - Reduced noise level - Small footprint - Increased life of the equipment - ...



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Simplification of organization

All EURODIFROID activities are gathered on the production site in Maine et Loire (49) as of May the 1st in 2018 !

This simplified organization aims to increase our efficiency and strengthen our level of service.

You can now contact our commercial service at : ccial@eurodifroi...


48 VDC air conditioners

EURODIFROID offers air conditioners powered by 48 VDC, in order to adapt to the zones exempted from the standard electrical network.